Draconids meteor shower visible over the Netherlands this weekend

Draconids meteor shower visible over the Netherlands this weekend

The annual Draconids meteor shower is on its way this weekend, and will be visible across many different cities in the Netherlands so long as the weather holds out! The meteor shower, also known by some as the Giacobindis, will reach its peak on October 9. 

Meteor shower predicted to peak on October 9 at 9pm

Thankfully, the Draconids meteor shower is one of the few meteor showers throughout the year where you don’t need to stay up late or pull an all-nighter to catch the show. The shower is usually visible in the early evening, just as it starts to get dark outside. 

The meteor shower will reach its peak on October 9 at around 9pm Dutch time. The Draconids shower features only a few meteors an hour, but in the past, some showers have been known to feature hundreds of meteors an hour - though it should still be noted that this is rare!

Conditions appear to be good for stargazers

For now, the weather forecast does not seem to be too bad for those wanting to catch a glimpse of the shower. Last year’s spectacle was made more difficult to spot due to the presence of a full moon on the peak day of the shower, but thankfully, this year there is not expected to be a full moon until the end of the month. 

Though it's possible to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower from your home, for the best experience, you could try heading to a national park. Generally, the darker the environment, the easier it is to spot the meteors.

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