Donate for a Dutch photography prize!

The Dutch photography prize Bouw in Beeldprijs is turning to all art, culture and photography lovers asking to help realising the fifth edition of the photography award.

Through a Crowdfunding campaign, till April 29, they appreciate any amount of money being donated to Bouw in Beeldprijs for the 10 finalists of the prize. The possibilities to help and donate money are unlimited as all donations are warmly welcomed.

The organisers of the photography prize are going to say "thanks" in several ways, depending on the amount of money being donated - free tickets to the exhibition(-s), a print of the available work, a numbered unique print of work of the winner(-s), an exclusive private viewing and / or their name to "The Hall of Names."

"The Bouw in Beeldprijs provides an essential podium for (around 200) photographers to showcase their work. It not only helps many photographers, both Dutch and international, but also produces an abundance of impressive and inspiring work," stated the organisers, who hope to raise 10.000 euros. This money will be given to 10 young photographers as a stipendium to continue working and creating new art pieces over a number of months.

Bouw Beeldprijs

Anita Kalmane


Anita Kalmane

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