How smart on-demand mobility is changing how you’ll move around

How smart on-demand mobility is changing how you’ll move around


If you’ve been in the Netherlands for a while, you’ve probably noticed that public transport works well and you have your own bike for small distances in the city. Owning a car is, especially for those of us who live in the city, not a necessity. On the contrary, it can be a burden sometimes. Read below how smart mobility is taking Dutch cities by storm.

More and more shared mobility providers

Going downtown by car is not faster anymore, especially in big cities. At the same time, the fixed costs of car ownership continue to rise.

Big cities want less traffic, fewer emissions, less space for cars, more for playgrounds and parks. Thus, they are creating policies to keep cars outside the city, namely higher fees for parking or parking permits, and extended environmental zones.

Meanwhile, the cities welcome more and more shared mobility providers. You must have seen them on the street.

The smartphone is the new car

The average car in the Netherlands goes unused for 23 hours a day… Time for shared mobility. Download Ridecloud now!

With the click of a button, you can order an Uber or book a shared car, bike or scooter from down the street. It’s all about getting from A to B in the most suitable way for the occasion and personal need. Our mobile phones make flexible multimodal transportation possible, especially in cities.

Sometimes you need to get to a place where public transport is difficult, or simply stay dry when it rains, you have to carry big groceries or get somewhere fast because you’re late.

Shared mobility services allow you to reserve, open and ride with a few clicks on your phone.

Here are the main shared mobility options you can find in Amsterdam and Rotterdam at the moment, and more are coming:

  • Carsharing: Greenwheels, MyWheels, SnappCar, Ioniq carsharing, Car2Go
  • Bikesharing: Donkey Republic, Hello Bike, Urbee (e-bikes)
  • E-scooters: Felyx
  • Ride-hailing: Uber, ViaVan

Bikesharing ridecloud free app

All shared mobility in one app: Ridecloud

When you start familiarising yourself with shared mobility, all the options and different apps and operating models might feel overwhelming.

Discover the mobility of the future with Ridecloud, available for free on the App Store

The creators of Ridecloud felt the same, which is why they made an app that brings all the shared mobility options together in one single app.

With Ridecloud, you can see multiple shared mobility options available around you, compare prices and types of transport and book what’s best for you.

Try shared mobility this season

It’s a great time of the year to go hiking in the forest or to explore more of the Netherlands. For most of us, it is also a time to upgrade our home or host family dinners. Furniture and hardware stores are all outside the city and big groceries are easier done by car. From the comfort of your couch, and the palm of your hand, you can rent a car from down your street and drive to wherever you need to with enough space to fit everything.

Ridecloud app



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