Amsterdam most bicycle friendly city in the world

Amsterdam has been named the most bicycle friendly city in the world by the Copehagenize Index 2013.

Dutch dominance

Just as in the previous index, the Netherlands' capital rules the roost by performing well in each of the 13 categories with which the index rates cities. It is, according to the report, "the one place on the planet where fear-mongering about cycling is non-existent."

Utrecht and Eindhoven also placed highly in the index, occupying third and sixth place respectively. Though the report states that their places in the top 10 are deserved, it is "based on status quo more than innovative thinking and the eagerness to move forward that we see in other cities."

Improvements can still be made

Despite high praise for the capital the index notes that improvements can still be made.

The biggest issue raised was the lack of a uniform cycling infrastructure. Though cycling in the city is for the most part a pleasurable experience, "it would be more enjoyable if we didn't have to guess what the next stretch of cycle track will look like," states the report.

Also, the nuisance of scooters or snorfietsers was also mentioned and the report is looking for "serious action on this front."


About the Copenhagenize Index

The Copenhagenize Index ranks 150 cities across the world on their dedication to the reestablishment of the bicycle as a viable form of transport in urban areas. The 13 categories include elements such as infrastructure, perception of safety and traffic calming.

Bonus points are also awarded for the political will of local authorities towards improving the cycling environment. In this regard Amsterdam's Meerjarenplan Fiets 2012 - 2016 undoubtedly had a positive impact on the city's score.

To view the rest of the index click here.

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