A new way to play football in the Netherlands

A new way to play football in the Netherlands


Football. It's in your heart. It’s on your mind. It’s a staple of your life. The memories come alive at a pub night, watching the Champions League or international competitions.

Playing the beautiful game yourself however, not so much. Maybe it’s all the hassle involved with joining a club in The Netherlands, the membership obligations and all. Maybe you’re just too busy on the home front, or at work. Or maybe you don’t know where to start? That’s exactly where Kicks comes in!

The problem for most expats

The biggest problem for most expats is that the Dutch footballing landscape is highly structured and traditional. This means that if you’re looking to play some well-organised football (not a kick-about in a park!) you’ll have to join a local club and commit to a membership and other obligations.

But how do you know which club is ok? And what if you don’t want to commit to a fixed schedule, but want to play football in a more flexible way?

With Kicks, you can play hassle-free football on a flexible schedule. No membership required. Start now!

The solution for all expats

These days, people can watch movies on demand with Netflix and listen to music wherever, whenever with Spotify, so why not do the same with football? Well, that's exactly what Kicks decided to to do: football on demand. Kicks was founded by the Dutch FA (the KNVB), as a project that offers football in a flexible way.

With Kicks, you can play hassle-free football on a flexible schedule. No membership required. As an individual, with friends or with a complete team.

The concept is all about "your choice". You choose when, where (different locations throughout the city) and how often you want to play. As Kicks is powered by the Dutch FA, everything is guaranteed to be organised very well. The project is currently active in Utrecht and Amsterdam and the Kicks team are keeping an eye out for new cities.

Join training sessions as an individual

With Kicks, you can join open training sessions led by a proper, certified coach, with proper balls on a proper pitch. These sessions are open to all individuals looking to play football.

Don’t worry about your skills and stamina being good or bad, the coach makes sure that players of all levels enjoy the training sessions. And don’t worry about meeting new people, every training session there is a mix of new and "existing" players, so it never feels like your first day at work, meeting new colleagues.

Bring your own football team

If you have a team, you can join Kicks' weekly 6-a-side tournaments. These occur every Monday night in Amsterdam and every Wednesday night in Utrecht. You can join every week or skip a few weeks and show up whenever it suits you and your team. It’s all your choice. You pay as you go, so no need to worry about membership obligations.

Kicks makes sure tournaments are well organised, with referees, a coach, balls, prizes for the winning team and top scorer etc. All you have to do is show up with your teammates.

Ready to play a proper game?

In short, of course you can go to a park with some friends and a ball. But when it comes down to it, you’ll always end up having a chaotic kick-about on a shitty pitch, where you’ll serve more as a school teacher (making sure teams and players are sticking to the "rules") than as a football player.

Kicks organises everything for you, so all you have to do is focus on your game. Get fit, meet new people and play football without worrying about memberships, obligations or the lack of flexibility, that's Kicks! Ready to play a proper game? Get in touch with Kicks or click the red button below!



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