4 places to see tulips that are not the Keukenhof

4 places to see tulips that are not the Keukenhof

Tulip season is still in full bloom- but only for a little while longer, mind you. So, where can you go to see the tulips that is not the Keukenhof? Bear in mind that when you visit the tulips, walking into the fields is not allowed, but taking pictures from the edges is.

1. The Bollenstreek

This is probably one of the most well-known places to see tulips that isn’t the Keukenhof. Situated between Leiden and Haarlem, the majority of tulip fields can be found around Lisse, Hillegom and Noordwijkerhout. This area is majorly popular with tourists as it is close to the Keukenhof, so if you want a quieter outing, perhaps this is not the best destination for you.

If you are visiting this area though, it’s a good idea to explore it via walking or cycling. There are plenty of cycling routes available that you can take to explore the tulip region. Getting there is pretty simple too; it’s just a 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam!

2. The Kop van Noord Holland- Northern Bollenstreek

The less well-known Northern Bollenstreek is the biggest interconnected bulb region in the world! You can find it right at the top of the province of North-Holland, between Petten, Den Helder, Nieuwe Niedorp and Wieringerwerf. It boasts fantastic cycling routes and, as it is close to the coast, you can also combine your trip to see the tulips with a trip to the beach or one of the seaside towns nearby.

This tulip region is a great alternative to visiting the Keukenhof, as you’ll still get to see the gorgeous tulips the country is famous for, but you’ll also avoid the crowds. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t flock to the Bollenstreek or Keukenhof like the rest; visit the Northern Bollenstreek instead!

3. The Noordoostpolder

North of Flevoland, around Emmeloord, you’ll find 2.000 hectares of tulip fields! The Noordoostpolder (North East Polder) region is one of the largest bulb cultivation areas in the Netherlands. While many of the tulips will have already been “headed”, there will still be some left to see.

Another reason to head to the area in the Netherlands is the great number of activities they have on offer. Whilst in many tulip cultivation areas you will not be allowed to enter the fields, as this damages the crops, here there is a field especially for taking selfies. You can also venture to the Tulip Experience Field which has around 500 varieties of tulips. There’s even a tulip-picking farm for those who fancy taking some of the beautiful flowers home.

One of the events coming up is Green Day- where you can pick your own tulips in Emmeloord. Be sure to take a look at the tourist information website for more details on the tulip season in the North East Polder.

4. Zeeland – ZeeuwsVlaanderen

Yes, you can even see tulips in the province of Zeeland, around Hulst and Terneuzen to be precise. And, because the fields are so close to each other, visiting Zeeland to see the tulips makes for a perfect cycling / walking trip! As not many people associate Zeeland with tulips, you can expect a relaxing trip without crowds of tourists battling it out for the perfect selfie.

See the tulips before it’s too late

The tulips are in bloom until around mid-May but some farmers will start heading them at the start of May, so it’s best to check with the local tourist information centre as to whether there are actually tulips left to see. If not, at least you know where to go next year!

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