10 of the best burger joints in the Netherlands

10 of the best burger joints in the Netherlands

How often do you find yourself trying to decide what to have for dinner, only to find yourself choosing a burger again? There are so many burger restaurants across the country that sometimes it can be tough to narrow down which one to choose. It seems that every restaurant has a burger hidden away somewhere on their menu, but how do you find the ones that’ll make your mouth water just thinking of them?

We went above and beyond and ate more burgers than is humanly advisable in order to narrow it down to our favourite ten (in no particular order). After all, you can’t spell inburgering without burger.

1. Ter Marsch & Co – Rotterdam

An institution in Rotterdam that has won numerous awards since opening back in 2014. Tucked away on Witte de Withstraat, this burger joint is often bustling with bib-adorned diners tucking into their food with abandon.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of their menu selections, but if you’re struggling to choose, there’s a reason De Burgeresse won the Best Hamburger Netherlands award in 2015. With its unique and addictive sauce perfectly complimenting the Scottish Angus and Japanese Wagyu, you’ll struggle to ever order anything else once you’ve had a taste. This is a place that takes their craft very seriously, and it shows.

2. Wally – Nijmegen

Ask anyone where to get a burger in Nijmegen and they’ll answer Wally without hesitation. The menu options are limited, but that’s because they put everything into making their selection as perfect as it can possibly be. For more adventurous types, there’s always the Ereburger which changes its contents every month.

Whichever one you choose, make sure to get the Friet Wally with it. Fries covered in melted cheese, kimchi and a special sauce, it will get your mouth watering and makes the perfect partner in crime to every burger on the menu.

3. Ich Bin Ein Hamburger – The Hague

If you want to enjoy a more sophisticated experience with your burger dining, then you should check out this superb restaurant in The Hague. The décor is exquisite, with the glass roof drawing your eyes upwards when you first walk in, but it’s what’s on the plate that really counts. With its foie gras and Madeira truffle sauce, The Beefburger Rossini is the perfect accompaniment to the waistcoated staff and the elegantly presented food.

You’ll be presented with a knife and fork, but don’t worry; you won’t be frowned at for using your hands.

4. Cannibale Royale – Amsterdam

Don’t be put off by the name, these burgers don’t include literal citizens, but if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a flawless dining experience where the ambience is as cool as the food, then check out Amsterdam’s Cannibale Royale. It’s not just the burgers that are top notch, there’s a whole menu full of mouth-watering dishes on offer, but let’s not kid ourselves though, we’re ordering the burger.

With 210 grams of Black Angus beef & 50 grams of roasted pulled pork, the Le Cannibale Royale is a meat feast that’s even smoother than the jazz music that accompanies it.

5. Burgerlijk – Maastricht

There’s a cool vibe to Maastricht’s Burgerlijk, yet it manages to also feel homely and welcoming. As you sit on the long benches, it wouldn’t be unusual to lean over to a stranger and ask them what burger they’re having, to make your decision easier.

The beef in the wagyuburger is outstanding, keeping it simple and focusing on the perfect burger patty, which it definitely is. You might not be able to make a reservation there, but if it’s full, it’ll be worth the wait.

6. De Burger – Eindhoven

Eindhoven’s go-to burger restaurant has to be De Burger. There’s an abundance of burgers to choose from, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The staff go out of their way to be helpful, and the prices won’t break the bank either. The truffleburger is something special, bursting with flavour like a taste explosion in your mouth, but I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to work through the whole list.

7. Beer & Barrels – Utrecht

This is not a bar to go to if you are looking for a romantic ambience. Beer & Barrels is about good times, tasty beer and excellent burgers. If you’ve had a hard day, the Smoky Chipotle has enough of a kick to it to wake you up. If you've missed a meal, you probably deserve to go large with the aptly named Face Melter. Egg in a burger is always a welcome treat, and a beer helps too.

8. The Dog’s Bollocks – Groningen

As the name suggests, The Dog’s Bollocks is a no-nonsense pub where the food speaks for itself. It's got great ambience and, more importantly, burgers the size of your head. There’s a reason why one of them is called the Heart Attack. It’s the Smoker that’ll have you coming back though, with a BBQ sauce that’s to die for. A trip to Groningen didn’t really happen unless you managed to eat here.

9. Café Polly Maggoo – Tilburg

While Polly Maggoo may be a totally different place depending on whether you visit in the day or night, the one thing that remains constant is their incredible selection of burgers. Polly Maggoo is an institution in Tilburg that has been open since 1980 with a vibrant atmosphere. In good weather, the terrace is a great place to watch the world go by as you tuck into one of their delicious burgers.

10. Ellis Gourmet Burger – Breda

Ellis is a place where you can tell they put great value in customer satisfaction. The décor is beautiful and the staff very friendly. They take great pride in the meat that they use and are more than happy to give you information about the choices on the menu. It’s no accident that the Ellis Special Bacon burger has special in the name, but you’d be hard pushed to find a bad option amongst the lot.

Do you agree with our list? Which one have we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Andrew Coulam 12:21 | 16 November 2019

You missed Vegan Junk Food Bar! Their burgers are both aesthetically pleasing and delicious! Now with five locations, they’re doing something right.

deastman 17:47 | 21 November 2019

SERiously? after ALL the news of the effects of cattle on global warming and you decide on THIS for an article? sure kids....take a bite out of your children's futures...make sure you drive there, as well...