Hidden Gardens Rotterdam

Hidden Gardens Rotterdam

Jun 01, 2024Jun 02, 2024
Various outdoor locations
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Rotterdam is celebrated chiefly for its architecture, its port and its bustling art scene, but there's yet another dimension to the Netherlands' second biggest city - one that will appeal to your green side.

Go on a journey of discovery through the lesser-known world of hidden paradises on the right bank of the Meuse river. Take a look behind the hedges, fences and garden walls at the hidden gardens of Rotterdam.

Discover Hidden Gardens

Whether you're looking for nature inspiration for your own garden, feeling green-fingered or simply in the mood for discovering urban horticultural curiosities, Hidden Gardens is unmissable. During Hidden Gardens (Verborgen Tuinen), owners of about 60 private and shared gardens will be opening their gates to the general public, laying bare the behind-the-scenes greenery of the bustling city.

Make the city green

Hidden Gardens is an initiative to show citizens how to work together in making the city green, ecologically balanced and full of special flora and fauna. These beautifully curated plots of land are all worth admiring, whether they are mature gardens or recently manicured, from large to small, modern to nostalgic.

Yards, terraces and plots

The main focus will be on private yards, but visitors will also be able to admire roof terraces, urban farming plots and other unique little oases. Various gardens will host special activities like tours and live music performances.

Get your Hidden Gardens tickets

Tickets to Hidden Gardens are available on the Hidden Gardens website. Don't miss this special, one-of-a-kind spring event.