Only a few more days left to see the I amsterdam sign

Only a few more days left to see the I amsterdam sign

That’s right, the iconic I amsterdam sign is definitely leaving Museumplein. For some, its removal comes a little sooner than expected.

Say goodbye to the I amsterdam sign

This coming Monday or Tuesday, December 3 & 4, the I amsterdam sign at Museumplein will be removed and put into storage. So, if you want to get a snap with the sign, you better be quick.

But what about the all the tourists who come to have their picture taken in front of the sign? Well, for a period of three weeks after the sign has been removed, hosts will be stationed at the place where it stood to inform disappointed tourists as to why the sign has been removed and where other I amsterdam signs can be found.

Amsterdam Marketing has five sets of I amsterdam signs in total, three of which will be staying in the locations Schiphol, Sloterplas and in the Southeast of Amsterdam. The Museumplein sign will be put into storage where it will be serviced and then it will be used for events.

Why does the sign have to go?

The removal of the sign is the result of a majority vote by the Amsterdam city council on the motion by GroenLinks to get rid of all I amsterdam signs and stop city marketing from using them. This is because the slogan represents individualism whilst the city should be propagating solidarity.

The proposal by GroenLinks received a lot of criticism but was nevertheless accepted. According to alderman Udo Kock, the sign at Museumplein is in the way and attracts too many tourists.

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Tamassage 22:05 | 28 November 2018

Sure, Udo Kock hopefully won't force to close Van Gogh museum, block the Dam Square or shut down the boats (oh it is already started with no boats allowed after 23:00) these things attract too many tourists too... What an idiot thinking...