Is this the end of the I amsterdam sign?

Is this the end of the I amsterdam sign?

The iconic sign at Schiphol and in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, amongst other places, may just have to be removed. That is, if coalition party GroenLinks has their way.

Removing the iconic I amsterdam sign

During the city council meeting to discuss the 2019 budget, GroenLinks submitted a motion to remove the I amsterdam signs and to stop city marketing from using the sign.

According to GroenLinks chairperson Femke Roosma, the slogan represent individualism, whilst the city should actually be emanating solidarity. Moreover, Roosma says that “the slogan reduces the city to a background for a marketing ploy”.

Roosma recognises that taking away the sign won’t stop the growth of tourist numbers, “[t]his proposal is about the soul of Amsterdam”. Other measures are being taken to manage tourism numbers, such as cleaning breaks at the Red Light District.

Will the sign be removed?

In November a vote will take place concerning the motion, however at this moment in time, it seems like the majority of the council is for removing the sign. The I amsterdam campaign dates back to 2004, when the city was decreasing in popularity amongst tourists and businesses.

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BigMat 10:31 | 9 November 2018

Marketing ploy??? GroenLinks have an oversized sense of imagination... In any case, the sign should definitely be removed, it's an eyesore in front of the museum.