I do! More couples in the Netherlands getting married in 2022

I do! More couples in the Netherlands getting married in 2022

Preliminary figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) have revealed that the first seven months of 2022 have seen a significant increase in the number of couples opting to tie the knot. 

Over 40.000 couples have tied the knot in 2022

Like last year, 2022 is chalking up to be a good year for all those who love love. Not only did the Netherlands record an impressively low number of divorces in 2021, but this year the country is also seeing an upward trend in the number of happy couples taking the decision to make it official and get married

Between the beginning of January and the end of July, 40.500 couples said “I do," compared to just 29.300 in the same period in 2021 and 24.600 in 2020. The number even exceeds those recorded in 2018 and 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Both marriage and civil partnerships popular in the Netherlands

So far, the month of June has proven to be the most popular choice for couples - unsurprising, as it is right in the middle of the traditional wedding season that runs from May through to July. February was also relatively popular, in spite of the poor weather the month typically brings, with almost 1.200 couples booking their big day on February 22 (22 / 02 / 2022). 

While organising a Dutch wedding appears to once again be growing in popularity, the number of couples opting for a civil partnership has remained fairly stable over the past several years. So far, 14.100 couples have entered into a registered partnership this year.

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