Groningen to Amsterdam train journey could be cut to 68 minutes with new line

Groningen to Amsterdam train journey could be cut to 68 minutes with new line

The Lelylijn, a proposed rail link between the northern Netherlands and the Randstad, could shorten travel time between the cities of Groningen and Amsterdam by almost half, according to new research. 

Amsterdam to Groningen in just 68 minutes with new train line

According to a new report from the organisation in charge of the Lelylijn project, at optimal performance the train line could reduce the travel time between Groningen and Amsterdam-Zuid to just 68 minutes. The journey currently takes just under two hours.

The train would stop in Lelystad, Emmeloord, Heerenveen and Drachten on its journeys between Amsterdam and Groningen. This means that the route would provide the first major train connection to Drachten, cutting travel time between the town and Groningen from 45 minutes to just 15, and putting it within an hour’s journey of Amsterdam. 

Decision on Lelylijn project expected at the end of 2024

A question mark still remains over whether the Lelylijn project will actually come to fruition, but momentum has been building over the last few months, and a final decision is expected to come at the end of 2024. 

The employers’ association VNO-NCW MKB Noord responded positively to the latest report, saying that the new line would bring additional opportunities for people to live in the north of the Netherlands while still working in the west and commuting via public transport. At the same time, they think it would also bring a boost to businesses in the north as well. 

The project’s proponents argue that the new line will strengthen the economic structure of the Netherlands, boost tourism to northern regions, and reduce congestion on Dutch roads

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Mandoist 10:40 | 7 July 2024

Talk, talk, talk, talk... This has been "in the planning" for many years. They do a lot of expensive "planning" and nothing happens. I would love to get in on one of those salaried positions!