Could a metrobus improve links between Haarlem, Schiphol and Amsterdam?

Could a metrobus improve links between Haarlem, Schiphol and Amsterdam?

The province of North Holland and the relevant local authorities are looking into the possibility of launching a so-called metrobus express service between Haarlem, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam in order to improve public transport connectivity in the area. 

Improving public transport connections in North Holland

With plans in place for the construction of 175.000 new homes over the next 18 years and the creation of thousands of new jobs, the province of North Holland argues that public transport connections between Amsterdam and Haarlem must be “strengthened and expanded.” 

A recent research report published by the province, together with the Amsterdam Transport Region and the relevant municipalities, outlines the future needs of the area and various ideas for ensuring residents can “move comfortably and quickly from home to work” in the future. 

Introducing Bus Rapid Transit to the Netherlands

TransJakarta BRT metrobus indonesia

With this long-term goal in mind, the report suggests the option of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system between Haarlem, Schiphol, and Amsterdam. While not technically a metro, the BRT would be a frequent and express bus service that offers “the speed, frequency and high corridor capacity” of a metro, combined with “the flexibility and lower costs” of a bus service.

Similar systems exist elsewhere in the world, including in the United Kingdom and Brazil, and the TransJakarta in Indonesia (pictured above). The closest thing the Netherlands currently has to BRT is the Zuidtangent bus service between Haarlem, Schiphol, and Station Bijlmer ArenA in Amsterdam, which first launched 20 years ago.

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