Dutch police stop punishing minor offences in early retirement protest

Dutch police stop punishing minor offences in early retirement protest

Police in the Netherlands are no longer pursuing people who commit minor offences in a protest to demand a new early retirement scheme for ex-cops. The police union is not opposed to taking stronger action if necessary, they said. 

Police officers in the Netherlands demand new early retirement scheme

From May 7, police officers across the Netherlands will no longer be punishing people who commit minor offences out of protest for a new retirement scheme. The police union ANPV are demanding that a new early retirement scheme be made available for police officers who want to retire early, especially since police work can be very demanding. 

“Apparently, it takes a lot to convince employers and politicians that police work is hard work and that a decent early retirement scheme is, therefore, simply a sign of respect and appreciation,” the police union said. Negotiations for a new early retirement scheme are underway already. 

Minor offences include cycling without lights

People committing minor offences such as cycling without lights or urinating in public will no longer be given a fine in the first instance as part of the protest. Instead, they will be given a warning and a leaflet with information about the protest. 

In certain cases, the police officer may still issue a fine to offenders, especially if the situation becomes more serious. “It is always at the discretion of the officer on the spot,” the union stated. The organisation plans to continue their protest until their demands are met, resorting to harsher action if needed.

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