Dutch government to trial online Quarantine Travel Check

Dutch government to trial online Quarantine Travel Check

The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS) is trialling a new online resource named the Quarantine Travel Check (Quarantaine Reischeck) which will support and advise all travellers coming into the Netherlands on what steps they can take to quarantine safely and effectively. 

The Dutch government's Quarantine Travel Check

According to current guidelines outlined by the Dutch government, all travellers arriving in or returning to the Netherlands are expected to adhere to a strict 10-day quarantine rule. However, research conducted by the VWS revealed that while many are supportive of the measure, few actually follow it, with many struggling to keep track of the government’s travel regulations. 

The Quarantine Travel Check will provide updates and information for any (returning) travellers on what action should be taken upon their arrival in the Netherlands. The first message is a notification informing the user that travel to and from the Netherlands is currently limited only necessary travel. 

Through the use of a digital checklist, travellers can check what steps they should take when they arrive in the Netherlands. This will, in theory, make it easier for them to remain in quarantine. 

Travelling during coronavirus

Those taking part in the trial - which started on January 7 - will be asked via social messaging apps and ads to make use of the Quarantine Travel Check. Following the trial, the VWS will update and improve the platform to ensure user-friendliness and efficiency.

The platform will also be adjustable should the measures or advice change for any reason, and the Travel Check will be available in a number of languages to ensure it is accessible to all travellers. It has not yet been announced when the platform will be launched for national use. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs already has a Travel App which provides travellers with up-to-date travel advice throughout their trip, as well as a number of other functions also relevant outside of the current coronavirus crisis


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