Dutch emergency services launch new 112NL app

Dutch emergency services launch new 112NL app

The new 112NL app has been launched in the Netherlands, allowing those who have speech or hearing impairments to contact emergency services easily and securely. 

New app to contact Dutch emergency services

The Netherlands makes use of the European emergency number 112, but those in the field hope the launch of this new app, 112NL, will help to make key services more accessible to those who would otherwise struggle to communicate with operators, either as a result of a disability or a dangerous situation where making any noise could put their life at risk.

Developed by Dini and Henk Zeggelaar in consultation with the Dutch government, they explained the idea for the app came about when Dini tried to call an ambulance for her landlady, but that operators didn’t take her seriously as a result of her stutter. “The next day I went to the doctor and asked: 'Why didn't you come?' He said he thought I was tipsy and that it was a joke," Dini explained to Omroep Gelderland

112NL app operates in over 100 languages

The chat function in the app can directly translate 109 different languages into Dutch, so is also ideal for any expats in the Netherlands who haven’t been able to learn Dutch and allows them to communicate in their native language. 

Once the app has been downloaded onto a mobile phone, any member of the public will be able to quickly and easily call for the police, fire services, or for an ambulance.

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