Chance of snow in the Netherlands from January 15

Chance of snow in the Netherlands from January 15

The Netherlands could be in for a sprinkling of snow in the coming days, according to forecasters at a number of the country’s top weather stations. Meteorologists are undecided about precisely how likely it is to snow, but some are convinced that the country could be in for several centimetres worth!

The Netherlands could be sprinkled with snow from January 15

From Monday, the country will be both cold and wet enough for a chance of snow to sweep across the Netherlands. Though weather agencies seem to disagree quite how much snow is to be expected, the word from the KNMI is that Wednesday seems the most likely day for snow to head our way, as temperatures are set to be between -2 and -4 degrees Celsius and precipitation is likely. 

Wintry precipitation such as hail, sleet and snow showers are also possible on Monday and Tuesday as well. Temperatures are set to drop below zero inland overnight.

Icy roads could cause traffic disruptions in the Netherlands

Even if the country is not covered in snow, the risk of ice and black ice remains as the weather stays cool. For cyclists and pedestrians, it is important to take care at times when the roads are likely to be the iciest, such as early in the morning or during the night, and wear suitable footwear that has a good underfoot grip. 

As for drivers, when travelling in icy conditions it is important to keep an eye on traffic reports to look for road closures and road traffic collisions. For up-to-date information about the weather and potential cold weather warnings, check the KNMI website.

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