Amsterdam plans to make public transport free for children on certain days

Amsterdam plans to make public transport free for children on certain days

In the Agenda Car Free plan, Amsterdam’s city administration has presented a range of measures it endeavours to take to reduce car use in the city. In addition to investments in public transport and better cycle and pedestrian routes, one measure involves making public transport free to children up to 12 years of age on certain days.

Making Amsterdam as car-free as possible

According to Amsterdam Traffic and Transport alderperson Sharon Dijksma, it is important to offer people attractive alternatives so that the city can reduce car traffic, hence the big investment in public transport in the Agenda Car Free plan. In total, the plan consists of 27 different measures, which will give more space to cyclists, pedestrians and kids playing outside, whilst also keeping Amsterdam accessible.

One of the measures involves allowing children, up to the age of 12, to use the public transportation system for free on Wednesday afternoons and during the weekend from 2021. Sharon Dijksma: “By letting children use public transport for free during the weekends and Wednesday afternoon, we hope to encourage many more people to use the high-quality public transport network the city has.”

Other measures include trialling a night-time metro, increasing the number of Park + Rides and placing sharing bikes at metro stations, like the ones you can rent at NS stations. Moreover, the number of parking permits will be reduced and around 10.000 parking spots will disappear from the city.

Realising the plans

The plans are estimated to cost between 500 and 700 million euros and will be discussed next year in the city council. They must be realised, at the latest, in 2025. Amsterdam aspires to be emission-free by 2030 and the Car Free plans would contribute to this, but the city does need to remain accessible.

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