10 street markets you should visit in the Netherlands

10 street markets you should visit in the Netherlands

We all love a bit of retail therapy, and markets offer a great way to shop locally, sustainably, and affordably. Offering everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to magical vintage finds, these 10 markets are definitely places you should consider visiting when travelling throughout the Netherlands

1. Pure Markt in Amsterdam

The Pure Markt travels across Amsterdam from March through to the end of October. Every Sunday, head over to one of their three locations - Park Frankendael, Amstelpark or the Amsterdamse Bos - to enjoy a feast of food, drink, and music. The Pure Markt has more of a food festival kind of vibe, but there are also several stalls selling specialist foods for you to take home with you, as well as a handful of stores selling products from small local businesses.

2. De Haagse Markt

No prizes for guessing where you’ll find this market. De Haagse Markt is more traditional than some of the others on this list, but is one of the largest markets in Europe, selling just about everything and anything you could imagine: food, antiques, flowers, electronics - they have it all! The recently renovated market welcomes almost 40.000 shoppers every week (open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), and can be found at the Herman Costerstraat in The Hague.

3. De Lapjesmarkt in Utrecht

Those who are learning Dutch may be able to guess what this market specialises in. De Lapjesmarkt is the largest fabric market in the Netherlands and can be found every Saturday at the corner of the Breedstraat and the Begijnhof in Utrecht. Established in May 1957, this market has a long history, with dozens of stalls selling a wide range of fabrics and materials, buttons, zips, and accessories for your sewing machine.

4. FeelGood Market in Eindhoven

This is another market for all the foodies out there. Head to the FeelGood Market for yummy - and organic! - snacks and live music, as well as stalls selling handmade and sustainable goods. The market takes place every third Sunday of the month at Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

FeelGood Market Eindhoven

Image credit: FeelGood Market.

5. Rotterdamse Oogst Markt

Directly translated as Rotterdam’s Harvest Market, the Oogst Markt is a more traditional bi-weekly farmers market in the centre of Rotterdam, with stalls offering everything from fresh bread to sheep salami to apple juice - all produced within a 50-kilometre radius of the city! This is definitely a hotspot for any families in the local area who are looking to shop more sustainably.

6. Le Marie Marché in The Hague

As the name might suggest, this market was inspired by the classic markets you'd likely stumble across in France. Le Marie Marché offers shoppers a little bit of everything - stop off for a drink and a snack or to browse the tantalising stalls. The market takes place on the first weekend of every month from April and is based at the Plein in the heart of The Hague, but occasionally travels outside of the city to other locations in the Randstad, such as at the Vismarkt in Leiden or at the Olmenhorst estate on the outskirts of Lisse.

Video: YouTube / Le Marie Marché

7. IJ Hallen Flea Market in Amsterdam

The IJ Hallen vlooienmarkt is the largest flea market in Europe and can be found in Amsterdam North. Unlike the other markets featured on this list, shoppers will have to buy a ticket to enter (costs range from two euros for children to nine euros for the early bird ticket) but it is definitely worth it - this is the place to go if you’re looking for cool and unique vintage finds.

8. Home Made Market in The Hague

Another travelling market, Home Made stops off in The Hague, Delft, Utrecht and Nieuwekerk aan den Ijssel from April through to October. They also host a winter market in December. Planning a trip to the Home Made Market and wanting to know what you can expect? Look forward to a unique lifestyle event with art, homemade products, live music and lots of food and drink!

9. Swan Market

Are you someone who isn’t just looking for food when you visit a market? Well then, the Swan Market is probably right up your alley! Small and local businesses occupy the stalls here, selling jewellery and accessories, as well as (vintage) fashion and unique items for your home. Luckily the Swan Market travels through Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, and even has an online store so you can get your fix no matter where you are!

10. De Markthal in Rotterdam

The Market Hall is definitely one of the must-see sights when visiting Rotterdam, but it serves as more than just a tourist attraction and a gorgeous piece of architecture - it’s also a fully functional covered market. Featuring restaurants as well as all your more traditional market stands, this place is a feast for all the senses. De Markthal was the first covered market in the Netherlands and opened its doors in October 2014. When you visit, make sure you look up: the ceiling is covered in 11.000 square metres of art, Arno Coenen’s Horn of Plenty.

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