10-day mandatory quarantine to come into effect May 15

10-day mandatory quarantine to come into effect May 15

While travellers from risk areas are already asked to quarantine for 10 days upon their arrival in the Netherlands, many do not adhere to the rule. The Dutch government has therefore decided to enforce a mandatory quarantine rule from May 15. 

The Netherlands to introduce mandatory quarantine rule

All travellers arriving from a high-risk country are expected to quarantine for 10 days, or could alternatively quarantine for only five days before going for a coronavirus test - if the result is negative, they can come out of quarantine after five days. 

As this rule is not enforced, many do not go into isolation when they return to the Netherlands. To combat this, the government has announced that anyone who doesn’t quarantine will face a fine of 435 euros. The rule will probably apply to anyone arriving from an orange or red coded country. 

Even with the introduction of this new rule, the Dutch government once again highlights the negative travel advice that is currently in place until mid-May, asking everyone not to travel abroad unless absolutely necessary.

How will it work?

Regardless of which mode of transport is taken to travel to the Netherlands, all travellers will be required to quarantine. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the traveller must complete and submit a quarantine statement, which will include information about where the self-isolation will be carried out - the Netherlands will not set up any so-called quarantine hotels, so travellers can safely quarantine at home or at their accommodation. 

If the traveller doesn’t present a quarantine statement (or a recent negative coronavirus test) at the border when arriving in the country, they could face a fine. The Marechaussee will carry out random checks at Schiphol

The government will also set up a team tasked with calling up and randomly checking in on anyone who has recently arrived in the Netherlands. If the team receives a tip that someone isn’t complying with the quarantine rules, the local mayor could be called in who can then take further action (i.e. notify the police, issue a fine).

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CharlesBuckley2 04:23 | 7 June 2021

This ia a crazy reaction -- people are not widely respecting the Netherlands' quarantine rules, so they make them stronger??? Are there some screws loose? If the Netherlands would acknowledge the efforts of those who have been vaccinated, and perhaps those who have had a test, then their economy would be much better off. Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and others first had nutcase quarantine rules, and high incidence rates. Relaxing the quarantine craziness brought the incidence rates down, not the other way around. If this high-panic, high-lockdown craziness persists, the officials behind it should be allowed nowhere near any position of power. Perhaps they could clean aeroplanes for KLM?