Supreme College Nederland offers the best of both worlds

Supreme College Nederland offers the best of both worlds


Supreme College Nederland is an international school for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and VWO near Amsterdam.

They offer excellent and international education close to Amsterdam for a new generation of students: motivated students aged 14-18 of international, as well as of Dutch origin.

Welcome to Supreme College Nederland

What makes Supreme College special is that students can acquire two high-standard diplomas in a short period of time: the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the internationally high-ranking VWO.

Supreme College Netherlands works according to a unique educational concept in which they offer in-depth and international education to a new generation of students. For example, subjects are taught in three-hour sessions so students have more time to study the material in-depth, they can make connections with other subjects and there is more opportunity to determine their own learning route.

Because students have more time to process the subject matter during these three hours, they cover all the material at school. They have no homework and do not have to drag heavy books around every day, these stay at the school.

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What is MYP?

The Middle Years Programme is supervised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and is the type of education offered at international schools. Originally, it was created with the philosophy in mind that if students around the world experience the same education, were taught respect for other cultures as well as open-mindedness, and were encouraged to have a positive attitude towards learning; it would be highly beneficial to world peace.

MYP has proved to be a very successful type of education, much appreciated by universities.

Life skills

MYP focuses on developing different life skills, such as the following:

Learning to communicate

Learning to communicate is a life skill because you can have all the knowledge in the world but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t communicate. This is why Supreme College Nederland offers four languages: Dutch and English language and literature, as well as Spanish and German language acquisition. Spanish and German are taught at beginner’s level, but they also welcome students at higher levels.

Learning to cope with the world around you

The MYP curriculum is taught in an interdisciplinary way, including subjects such as Sciences or Individuals and Societies, instead of teaching history, geography and economics separately. This way, the focus lies on global issues such as pollution, global warming or, indeed, a worldwide pandemic.

Learning to stay healthy

Supreme College Nederland teaches Physical and Health Education and works closely together with the teachers of sciences and mathematics, so students can learn to stay healthy.

What is VWO?

After two years of MYP and a certificate, students enter the two final years of Dutch VWO at Supreme College Nederland. Less interdisciplinary but equally challenging, this diploma provides access to every university in the world (though some, of course, ask for extra qualifications).

The programme consists of eight VWO subjects, taught at the highest level in Dutch secondary education. Three languages, Dutch, English and a language of choice and mathematics are compulsory. Additionally, students can choose between a sciences trajectory or a humanities trajectory.

The best of both worlds

So, after four years, when students leave Supreme College Nederland, they do so not with one but with two fantastic diplomas, giving them a real head start at the next step in their career. This is also what is meant by "the best of both worlds":

  • Two high standard diplomas: MYP + VWO
  • Challenging educational programme
  • Different approaches to learning
  • Mix of cultures

Modest school fees

Unlike many international schools, Supreme College Nederland teaches its students to really be part of Dutch society. The school also differs from international schools when it comes to school fees. Where parents have to pay as much as 10.000 euros per year or more, Supreme College's school fee is 495 euros per year.

How is this possible? The answer to that is plain and simple: Supreme College Nederland is a state-funded school.

More information

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