Participate in survey about Dutch and international education in the Netherlands

Participate in survey about Dutch and international education in the Netherlands

The International Community Advisory Panel (ICAP) is an initiative set up by long-standing members of the Dutch international community to bridge the gap between expats and internationals and the government’s civic services. ICAP conducts several surveys per year, aimed at raising the international community’s voice and providing the local government with advice based on real experiences had by internationals. 

Let your voice be heard: What's your experience with education in the Netherlands?

In the past, ICAP has conducted surveys about the effect of coronavirus on the international community and the struggles expats face when looking for housing in the Netherlands. Their latest survey is a follow-up to one conducted back in 2017 and looks into the views of the international community on education in the Netherlands. 

Through this survey, ICAP aims to find out what progress has been made over the past four years, while at the same time updating their research into the perspectives and opinions of international parents on both Dutch and international schools and special needs education in the Netherlands.

Calling on IamExpat readers

What are your experiences with the education system? Have you got suggestions for how to improve it? How do you find that schools have coped with coronavirus?

The more expat parents who take part in the education survey, the more weight it will have, so take a few minutes to answer the education survey - in complete confidence, of course. Responses will be collated, anonymised and presented to policymakers in a report.



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