Supreme College Nederland: For international and Dutch students

Supreme College Nederland: For international and Dutch students


Top-level international education, low fees!

Looking for an excellent and inspiring education for your children close to Amsterdam with modest school fees? The new Supreme College Nederland in Castricum might just be the school for you.

For whom?

Supreme College Nederland focuses on high-achieving students aged 14-18 of Dutch as well as international origin. It is specifically meant for international students who have come to the Netherlands to stay for a longer period. At Supreme College Nederland, these students will learn how to really take part in Dutch society, assisted by their Dutch school friends.

How is Supreme College Nederland different from international schools?

Here is how Supreme College Nederland differs from international schools in the Netherlands:

Vibrant mix of Dutch and International students

Supreme College Nederland offers a vibrant mix of Dutch and international students. The students can encounter different cultures and environments and learn to reflect on their role as a global citizen. This is a major advantage over international schools, where students are not taught to be part of Dutch society, simply on the assumption that the students are not here to stay.

Since the students at Supreme College are both native and international, the language is English and Dutch, depending on the proficiency of the student. Of course, the international students will be offered extra tuition in Dutch during their entire school career.

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Two high standard diplomas: MYP + VWO

A further advantage of Supreme College is that in a short period of time students acquire two high standard diplomas: the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the internationally high-ranking VWO. In the first two years at Supreme College, students follow MYP, preparing them for an international future. They learn to literally look across borders in the field of learning and thinking. Subjects are taught with an interdisciplinary focus.

After attaining the MYP diploma, the students continue the Dutch VWO programme, at the end of which they will receive their VWO diploma. In this way, the students get “the best of both worlds” and at the same time, they work towards a successful international career!

Low school fees

To be able to participate in this lively, top-level education, you don’t have to pay high fees. The enormous advantage compared to, e.g., the European school or an international school is that the school fees are only 495 euros annually.

A day at Supreme College Nederland

Supreme College is a stimulating place housed in an inspiring building within walking distance of Castricum station, twenty minutes by train from Amsterdam. There are no traditional classes or classrooms at Supreme College.

There is no rigid timetable, but students work in morning and afternoon sessions from 08.30 till 16.30, guided by excellent teachers. During this time, the students learn to research, collaborate, see each other’s strengths and collectively reach dazzling academic levels. Moreover, at Supreme College, they do not only learn academic skills, but also life skills! 

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Quality guaranteed

Supreme College Nederland is a collaborative initiative of Jac. P. Thijsse College and Bonhoeffercollege. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed: Jac. P. Thijsse College is ranked among the three best pre-university schools in the Netherlands and Bonhoeffercollege boasts a reputation in the field of science with its “technasium”: a high standard research and science department. Now, these two well-known colleges are joining forces to offer this new type of hybrid education, geared to the needs of today’s students.

Why Castricum?

Supreme College Nederland is a modern school in the small-scale and safe town of Castricum. Located on the coast of the Netherlands, it is in close proximity of the beach, dunes and popular cities such as Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Haarlem.

How to apply?

If you would like more information or if you have any questions about Supreme College Nederland, just contact René Wellen, vice-principal at Jac. P. Thijsse College (foreign students), Petra van Dok, vice-principal at Jac. P. Thijsse College and Tanja Grotenhuis, head of department at Bonhoeffercollege (Dutch students). They can tell you all about this new school. Just give them a call or browse their website.



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