The right teacher can unlock your child’s potential

The right teacher can unlock your child’s potential


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Did you know that having an effective teacher is the single greatest factor that contributes to the success of a student? While small class sizes, curriculum, family support, facilities and extra-curricular opportunities all play their part, it is the connection between an effective teacher and a pupil that really makes the difference in a student achieving to the best of their ability.

So, how can schools create good connections between their teachers and students and deliver on their promise of world-class education? The latest research into this field shows us that teachers should be leaving behind traditional textbook-based practices in favour of a tailored, more personalised approach for each student.

Personalised learning

These days, “personalised learning” is more than a buzzword, it is now widely adopted by the best international schools around the world as an approach that enables teachers to deliver effective learning based on the understanding of each student.

Too often, teachers stand in front of large classes and attempt to transmit a body of knowledge in the hope that every student would be able to assimilate it. However, modern educators believe that traditional-style learning in schools isn’t effective at equipping children with all the skills necessary for the jobs of the future.

“We believe education has to be personalised,” says Nord Anglia Education Director Andy Puttock. “As educators today, we must deliver an education that will prepare our students for what tomorrow will bring. Experiential learning, real-life and authentic experiences, extended classroom learning for every student. They are a core part of our personalised learning process. Everything we do must bridge the gap between the type of learning we received in the past, where students came to school to be simply filled with knowledge, and their future needs.”

The connection is key

Your child's teachers will have a lasting impact on their world. The right teacher can uncover new interests, spark ambition and give students the confidence to chase a bright future. At the Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR), they are proud of their excellent teachers, who remain employed at the school for an average of seven years.

They realise that personalised learning is a necessary tool for students to succeed and thrive in the future and know it’s the connection between students and teachers that will facilitate the most effective learning.

The smaller class sizes allow teachers to personalise learning more effectively. As part of a recent parent survey, 96% of NAISR parents said that their children have a good relationship with their teachers. This is why NAISR students love coming to school.


As a Nord Anglia Education school, they have the opportunity to collaborate with world-leading educators, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and The Juilliard School in New York which provides their teachers and students with resources that are at the forefront of educational thinking.

A professional development programme for teachers

NAISR believes that teachers need to be inspired, which is why Nord Anglia offers a professional development programme called Nord Anglia University. As part of the programme, their teachers have access to some of the finest minds and most innovative approaches in the industry. They offer the chance for all their teachers to advance their knowledge and keep up to date with the latest thinking in education from the best in the business.

According to Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO of Nord Anglia Education, NAISR is “as ambitious for our people as we are for our students. We are committed to supporting our teachers’ professional development and career aspirations because this will ensure that our students learn from the best. This fantastic opportunity is exclusively available to those working in our schools. We hope it will build on their experience, develop their leadership skills and prepare them for unique opportunities while working in a leading education environment.”

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