6 tips for staying positive

6 tips for staying positive


Throughout life, people face challenging moments, finding themselves facing ambiguous situations, challenging relationships, worries, and fears. On top of this, the ongoing COVID-19 situation has forced most to study and work from home, throwing them out of their typical routines. The pandemic has also deprived many of their usual coping mechanisms, such as going to the gym or getting a quick bite to eat with friends. This can be extremely unsettling and disheartening.

However, this is a challenge everyone is facing, and we need to rise to it. During this difficult time, Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR) would like to share six top tips for staying positive through challenging times.

1. Acknowledge your own feelings

Are you feeling unsettled and stressed? Are there negative thoughts bouncing around in your head? Is the lack of routine causing disorder and anxiety in the family, and amplifying existing negativity? 'If so, this is normal and it’s an important part of a challenging situation. Your raw instinctive reactions - freeze, fight or flight - put you into survival mode and can block out any rational thinking. At this point, you must stop and acknowledge the “‘negative” thoughts, bring them into your awareness, and accept them. Then, you need to find the positives, and focus on them. 

2. Seek out the positive

There are so many positives out there but sometimes you might have to seek them out. Always try to surround yourself with positive people and ideas, however small. Social media also allows you to keep in touch with great friends and classmates around the world. However, try to limit the amount of time in online groups that focus on the negative and don’t really give you positive, useful ideas. Be informed and be curious, but don't engage in negative conversations.

3. Set up your new routine

The current situation means that, for the first half of January, NAISR - and all other schools - have been forced to switch to online teaching. With no on-site school, everyone’s routines have been disrupted. So, you must adapt. Set a new routine and make this routine work for you because ultimately you are responsible for your own success.

4. Keep active

There are so many academic, physical and wellness benefits to keeping active. Try to join online fitness classes to keep fit, get your body moving, and your blood pumping.

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5. Restore and recharge

In sports, as in life, actively resting and recovering is as important as the sprint itself. People recharge their batteries in different ways. When facing a challenging situation, perhaps there are times when you want to be with people, to talk and share ideas. Being with other positive people is inspiring.

Then there are other times, when you may prefer to be more reflective and take some "me" time. It’s okay for people to take alone time - but it can be difficult with everyone at home. Be open and talk to people about why you sometimes need some moments of chill-out time to recharge. There are some great guided meditation or yoga apps out there, so why not give something new a try?

6. Never give up

Always seek opportunities to improve yourself and to reach even higher goals. This moment right now is part of your journey. It’s your challenge to stay positive, as this will make you stronger, smarter and fitter. It’s a time when you will learn about yourself, test yourself and surround yourself with other positive people who are important to you. Review your goals and start taking small but positive steps to get yourself there.

Stay positive. Stay safe. Never give up.

NAISR would like to thank Olympic Gold Medalist, Marlon Devonish, for speaking with them about his top six tips for staying positive. You can listen to two of NAISR's Senior Students interviewing Marlon about the resilience needed to achieve your goals in the following podcast episode.

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