NAISR: Why choose a small, private school for your kids?

NAISR: Why choose a small, private school for your kids?


As parents, we all want the best opportunities for our children. For those of us living away from our “home” countries, ensuring that our children have a great school experience can be a top priority.

The Dutch are the only government in the world that subsidises international education. But is that “education” enough for our kids if we have high expectations from these schools?

Academic scholarships available

Small class sizes

A private school like Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR) is small and agile enough to offer enriched academic opportunities since they maintain class sizes averaging 17 students per class. Small class sizes allow for stronger peer connections and gives teachers the chance to help students’ weak areas and advance their strengths.

More individual attention ensures both personal and academic growth. A parent of a new Year 11 student expressed, "[She] settled in well in such a short period and she is really happy at school. I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon. So I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who made this come true."

Parent involvement

Parent involvement at NAISR means that there is a tightly knit community that helps enrich school life. Families become integral to their child's education, actively engaging in academic discussions during parent-teacher meetings or adding a delightful “fun factor” through the dynamic Parent, Teacher, and Students Association (PTSA) events. 

Advanced learning environments

As a private school, NAISR stands out in offering a supportive, nurturing and personalised learning environment. They have excellent facilities, labs, STEAM "makerspaces" as well as indoor and outdoor sports areas. Coupled with global collaborations as MIT, UNICEF, and Juilliard, Nord Anglia ensures that their students are stimulated to reach their potential. A satisfied parent with two sons shared, “NAISR is a fantastic school where each child is helped to be as happy and responsible as possible. The commitment of the teachers and staff is simply outstanding.”


Getting kids “Future-ready”

An international education at a small private school like NAISR gives students the opportunity to develop life skills such as resilience, adaptability and readiness for the future as principled, proactive, and productive citizens. Graduates from NAISR leave better prepared for the ever-changing world ahead.

Academic excellence

Every year, NAISR students take part in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and their graduates boast a 100% pass rate, with points surpassing the global average. These achievements pave the way for their students to be accepted into the world’s top universities.

World-class teachers

The school's qualified and passionate teachers, many holding advanced degrees, serve as role models for students. With smaller classes, these educators are more available for additional support. An alumnus, Kai Noppen, described it as, “It’s like a big family here, because teachers are caring and know the students from when they were in primary school."

Ambitious? Want a feather in their cap?

NAISR is offering a generous Academic Scholarship (up to 50%) to three new high school students aged 15-18 (Years 11, 12 and 13). This programme rewards academic excellence, offering an opportunity to navigate the rigorous two year IBDP. Applications are also open to ambitious HAVO or VWO Dutch students who are bilingual. Deadline: 15 January, 2024.

The Scholarship Programme is an opportunity for your child to join Nord Anglia’s community of talented students who share a commitment to excellence. Click here for more information about the scholarship.

For more information, please contact NAISR at [email protected].



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