MixTree Languages: A non-profit English institute in Amsterdam’s city centre

MixTree Languages: A non-profit English institute in Amsterdam’s city centre


Since opening its doors as a non-profit cultural centre in 2014, MixTree Languages has become the leading institute for learning English in Amsterdam. MixTree offers a wide variety of courses to suit students’ individual levels and needs.

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At MixTree, it’s not just about learning a language but about building a community. Fun, interactive, and inclusive English courses continue to be at the heart of MixTree’s mission. Plus, having a good command of English will help newcomers to the Netherlands integrate and enjoy their time here.

Interactive methodology

MixTree’s innovative “Activate your English” methodology is based on the flipped classroom approach, meaning classes will focus on putting the language studied at home into practice in the classroom. Studying language topics in advance helps to maximise the time students have for interactive communication activities like speaking, discussing, and role-playing in class.

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Professional, experienced teachers

What is MixTree’s secret to providing outstanding English courses? Its teachers! The teaching team comprises all native or bilingual teachers and represents most of the English-speaking world. All of MixTree’s teachers have a teaching certification (such as a CELTA or TEFL qualification) and at least five years of teaching experience. What’s more, all of MixTree’s teachers have experience working in multicultural classrooms and creating a welcoming learning environment.

Dynamic materials

From March 2022, all of MixTree’s general English courses will use the English File series, which gives students a fun and interactive way of practising their English skills. Additionally, it gives students access to extra online practice and even an app to easily keep up with their English studies outside of class.

English in the city

Learning a language is about so much more than just practising in a classroom. Luckily, Amsterdam provides endless opportunities for students to practise their English in a real-world setting. Thanks to the Dutch continuously being ranked as the world’s best non-native English speakers, students have plenty of chances to speak English outside of the classroom. MixTree’s central location makes it even easier to explore the city centre.

English courses for everyone

MixTree Language’s most popular courses are their Intensive English Courses: group courses that immerse students in English over four weeks, four days a week. Students activate their grammar through a focus on speaking, making the language learnt easier to remember. With new intensive courses beginning monthly, students looking for A2, B1, or B2 level classes have plenty of opportunities to improve their English level.

In addition to intensive courses, MixTree also offers a range of morning and evening classes, English for beginners (A1 level), and business courses. Moreover, for those who prefer to stay safe at home and not commute, MixTree offers Online English courses at all levels. Students can arrange a free level check with one of the teachers to find out which course suits them best. All ML courses - both online and at the school - use Google Classroom and WhatsApp group chats to keep students and teachers connected.

It's a good idea to register for one of MixTree's online courses before arriving in Amsterdam!

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Daily level checks

MixTree offers daily English level checks via Zoom or WhatsApp, giving students the opportunity to test their speaking level. This is the most important step in the registration process. Being in the appropriate course helps ensure confidence and success in class.

Coronavirus measures

At MixTree Languages, the health, safety, and well-being of students and staff are of the highest importance. All students must show a coronavirus entry pass (QR code) to enter the school. The classrooms are spacious with two entrances each, and the 1,5-metre-rule is actively enforced. Hand sanitiser and masks are provided for students to use freely.

Get in touch with MixTree

The coordination team is available by appointment Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm. Anyone wishing to stop by the school should contact them first by email at or by phone at +31(0)20 76 61 981 Sign up for a free Level Check with one of the teachers!



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