Amsterdam: A great city for working and improving your English

Amsterdam: A great city for working and improving your English


Are you thinking about moving to Amsterdam? If so, you’re not alone. For many years, Amsterdam has been one of the top 15 cities in the world in terms of quality of life, so it comes as no surprise that the Dutch capital is one of the top cities for living and job hunting in Europe.

However, quality of life is not limited to job opportunities; it also includes culture and leisure activities. Amsterdam hosts cultural events and entertainment for all tastes and budgets and is home to a number of parks. Amsterdam provides a balanced mix of tranquillity and entertainment to suit everyone.

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As far as job opportunities go, finding new employment is easier in Amsterdam than in many other EU countries thanks to its international openness. It’s also worth noting that, since Brexit occurred in 2016, several international companies have moved to the Netherlands.

More than one million residents in the Netherlands are foreigners, the majority of which settle in the capital, with Amsterdam being home to more than 180 nationalities.

Improve your English

If you want to live in an international environment, it is essential to learn or improve your English. You’ll have to deal with rental agreements, job contracts, and general bureaucracy. Essentially, English is everywhere. If your English is limited, you can start from scratch by looking for odd jobs that require minimal use of English.

Here are 5 practical tips for improving your English:

  1. Take an English course focused on communication.
  2. Watch films or TV series in English with English subtitles. You can do the same thing with songs: listen, read and sing the lyrics in English.
  3. Read graded readers adapted to your current level. They contain easier words and grammar. Children’s books and comics are good as well. You will be surprised at how many new words you can learn in a short time.
  4. Change the language on your laptop, smartphone, and all other devices to English to improve your passive vocabulary.
  5. Find a language exchange partner who would like to learn your native language.

MixTree Languages: high-quality and low-cost English courses in Amsterdam

MixTree Languages is a leading non-profit cultural association that aims to create a positive and effective learning environment to help you improve your English and be part of a community.


MixTree offers innovative classes at affordable prices in Amsterdam. Their "Activate your English" methodology focuses on speaking and actively using the language through real discussions, debates, roleplays and presentations. That’s because actively using a foreign language can help you learn it faster.

This method is made possible thanks to MixTree’s highly qualified teachers. They are all native or bilingual speakers, experienced and certified with a CELTA or TEFL qualification. In addition, the institute provides high-quality extra materials and a course book—included in the course price—to support your learning.

But that’s not all. "Activate your English" is effective because it is based on the pursuit of a positive and friendly environment, a fundamental feature for successful learning. Every MixTree course has its own WhatsApp group chat to provide support. MixTree also provides students with a shared space, including a cafeteria, where you can do your homework or just talk with your new classmates before or after the lessons.


MixTree Language’s most popular courses are their Intensive English Courses: group courses that immerse students in English over four weeks, four days a week. Students activate their grammar through a focus on speaking, making the language learnt easier to remember. 

MixTree offers English courses at five different levels - A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 - and you can check your level for free. Every week, MixTree has daily online English Level Checks, so you can test your level and get more information about courses.

If you prefer online courses, MixTree also offers online evening courses for levels A2 through C1, as well as for Business English. These Live-Online English courses are held virtually on Zoom and classes use group chats on Google Classroom and WhatsApp to keep in touch with both students and teachers. If you have time, sign up for an online course with MixTree before your arrival in Amsterdam!

Get in touch with MixTree

The office team is available on location by appointment between 9am and 6pm. If you wish to stop by in person to ask your questions, kindly contact them first by email at or by phone at +31(0) 20 78 61 981. You can also sign up for a free Level Check with one of their teachers!



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