Learn Dutch, Italian, English, or any of the other 9 languages UvA Talen has to offer!

Learn Dutch, Italian, English, or any of the other 9 languages UvA Talen has to offer!


Do you live in the Netherlands and would you like to boost your Dutch speaking abilities for work or for your studies? Do you have an international partner whose language you would like to learn or practice - especially to impress your in-laws? UvA Talen offers a wide range of fast-paced and communicative courses in Dutch, English and 10 other languages, ranging from elementary to advanced level. Each year, over 2.000 students complete a course at UvA Talen, earning an internationally recognised language level certificate.

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Courses both online and in-class in Amsterdam

UvA Talen offers courses both online and in-person in their office in Amsterdam in the form of group courses, tailor-made courses, and e-learning self-guided programmes at The Language Academy.

The group courses provide a great student-teacher experience in which your teacher will guide you through the lessons using a whiteboard, handouts, and quizzes to help you put your language learning into practice! The online courses follow the same formula as the offline lessons - the only difference is that the lessons take place in a virtual classroom, and provide a video, audio, and chat function.

Language courses that fit your schedule

UvA Talen’s evening courses commence four times a year and include all 12 languages. If you want to improve your Dutch or English in a short period of time, UvA Talen offers intensive daytime courses, starting every four weeks. Especially for hard-working expats and students, they also offer Dutch and English courses on the weekend. Moreover, every summer you can join one of their daytime summer courses to learn a new language in a fast and fun way.

One-on-one inTense programme

inTense is UvA Talen’s private programme for individuals or companies who want to learn a language fast. Over a period of five consecutive days, your teachers will immerse you in the language you want to learn. This programme can be done either online or in-person, depending on what you prefer.

To make the immersion complete, you also work on the language you want to learn outside the lessons. To achieve this, you are given special assignments to complete at home. For example, they might ask you to watch a film or TV programme or read something in the language you want to master. In some cases, the teacher will also take you on excursions to help you practice what you’ve been learning!

If a course with a fixed schedule is not for you, you can also try out their e-learning programmes at The Language Academy. These courses consist of several different online packages, in which you can follow a self-guided language course at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. The Language Academy also offers Online+Teacher packages, in which you can speak to a teacher along the way.

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Join UvA Talen in their upcoming Open Evening event on September 22 from 5pm to 8pm for an evening filled with trial language workshops, free intakes to determine which level is right for you, special discounts, UvA Talen merchandise and goodies, and members of their staff ready to answer any and all of your questions. Sign up via the link here!



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