The Language Academy: Flexible Dutch courses topped with a certificate

The Language Academy: Flexible Dutch courses topped with a certificate


Let the team from UvA Talen present their self-guided Dutch language courses from their e-learning platform, The Language Academy.

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Flexible e-learning Dutch courses

The benefits of this programme include:

  • Learning whenever it suits you with self-guided programmes
  • Following your progress in your student dashboard
  • Amsterdam-based storyboards
  • Certificate upon completion

You can start your online language course at any moment. Work flexibly, wherever and whenever you want: at home, at work, or in transit. The Language Academy offers online e-learning courses from the beginners to advanced levels - with prices starting from 175 euros.

You may also benefit from optional conversation lessons with one of the certified teachers at UvA Talen.

Entertaining, Amsterdam-based storyboards

During the course, you follow the lives of four young professionals in the bustling city of Amsterdam. You encounter them in everyday and work-related situations and learn sentences that you can put into practice right away. Every course consists of 11 dynamic lessons. During these lessons, you will learn new vocabulary and grammar, practice reading and writing skills, as well as learn the pronunciation of words and sounds.

Optional: Private conversation classes

Would you like to combine e-learning with online conversation classes? Try out the Online+Teacher programme from UvA Talen. You can purchase either 5 or 10 online conversation lessons to supplement your Dutch e-learning course to practice your speaking skills even more. Once you have opted in for this course option, they will schedule the conversation classes in consultation with you and your teacher. The online lessons are given by experienced teachers from UvA Talen, the independent language centre of the University of Amsterdam.

Would you like to hear about the experience from a current student's point of view? Watch this video and meet Antoine, one of UvA Talen's students!

E-learning in 6 languages

Are you interested in learning a language other than Dutch? That’s possible too! The Language Academy offers courses in five more languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. All e-learning courses at The Language Academy can to be combined with private online conversation classes.

Free trial

Every online language course has a free trial, which contains the complete first lesson of the course. You can take the free trial without signing up to see if the programme suits you and whether the level is right for you. Try the free demo now.

Stay informed about the latest course offerings by visiting the The Language Academy website and their Facebook or Instagram page.



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