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International graduates in the Netherlands contribute over 1,57 billion euros to the Dutch economy

According to a study conducted by EP Nuffic, the central organisation for education, international students who stay in the Netherlands to work after they graduate, generate billions of euros to the Dutch treasury each year. 

University numbers

International students who attend university in the Netherlands make up about 10 percent of the student body, which equates to about 75.000 students from over 161 difference countries.

The study estimated that a quarter of those who come here to study end up staying for work, and this year, have contributed a total of 1,57 billion euros to the economy. 

The trend of international students

The study also showed a continued trend of students staying for longer than five years. In 2008, 42 percent of international students ended up staying, whilst in 2009, it was 38 percent, and in 2010, somewhat less, at 36 percent. 

The study shows that those who do stay after completing their study and find a job, work regularly and earn just as much as their Dutch peers.

Furthermore, the study shows that those who go in the direction of health or nature studies have more work opportunities than those in other sectors.  



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