Two Free Guys: 10 free things to do in Amsterdam

Brazilian expat couple, Andre and Guilherme, came to Amsterdam for work and quickly realised they had something in common with the native folk; they didn’t like spending money!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Why? Because the best things in life are free! And who doesn’t love a good bargain? The Dutch definitely do!

Their expat story

Having led quite nomadic lives before coming here, they realised that anything they bought, soon went to waste when it came round to moving again, so they got used to shedding their belongings and travelling light.

Then, they soon realised that each new place they went to had so much to offer, they became more interested in finding out what they could experience for free, rather than having to pay for it.

"Why would we pay to go to a concert when we could just as well walk down the street and watch people playing in the public square for the first time, in a completely new setting, speaking a new language, expressing art based in a completely different culture?"

Quick and snappy

There’s plenty of information on free adventures in Amsterdam; all you have to do is type "free + Amsterdam" into Google. But coming from an advising background, they weren’t impressed with the formats they found; either it was uninspiring, or they had to scavenge through long YouTube videos to find what they were looking for.

10 free things to do in Amsterdam

And that's when Andre and Guilherme decided to cut to the chase. They created 39 videos of free things to do in Amsterdam, with each lasting just under a minute. 

Food Sampling

A great way to get a taste of Dutch treats.


There's nothing better than a free concert. Fortunately, there are lots of them in Amsterdam.

Sit by the water

Simple and serene.


Some people spend ages looking confused, not knowing where to pay, but these babies are fuh-ree.

Schuttersgalerij: Civic Guards Gallery

You don't have to pay to get into this one.

› Nemo Rooftop

A good place to go if you've got kids.


The city archives are definitely underrated. 

Diamond Factory

Warning: products don't come cheap.

Seven Countries Houses

On a nice day, these could be a good choice. 

Membership cards

Free, after you pay for the cards. 

Let us know what your favourite is below.

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