Delft community transform graffitied wall into beautiful mosaic

Delft MaMa is an organisation for international women and families in Delft. 2017 marks their 10th year anniversary, and they've decided to celebrate it with a beautiful mosaic mural

In 2007, Lucie Herraiz Cunningham started Delft MaMa as a way to help international women connect and support each other during their demanding years of motherhood. Over the decade, the organisation grew to over 1.100 members.

The mural will transform a graffiti-tagged wall near the playground Achtertuin in hopes that it will continue to foster stronger connections between families and provide a feeling of security in the neighbourhood.

The expat community is looking for people keen to donate to the project both through their crowdfunding page and by offering any old or broken tiles you may be lying around. If you have spare time on your hands, you're also more than welcome to help with the project. 

Kiri Scully


Kiri Scully

Raised a global citizen, to an Irish father and American mother, Kiri has lived and worked in five countries over three continents. Fuelled by culture curiosity at an early age,...

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