Guardian Institute: Premium tutoring and counselling services

Guardian Institute: Premium tutoring and counselling services


Every parent wants what is best for their child, especially when it comes to personal and educational development. But facilitating this is not always straightforward, and sometimes parents want expert guidance. That is why Guardian Institute offers state-of-the-art tutoring and counselling services to ensure your child receives the best possible guidance for personal and educational development.

On- and offline counselling and tutoring

At Guardian Institute, both on- and offline counselling and tutoring is provided, ranging from school and university placement to private tutoring. Their friendly and inspiring tutors travel the world physically and digitally to ensure a tutoring experience that is specifically tailored to individual and family needs. Guardian Institute offers premium online tutoring sessions that can fit into a flexible schedule.

Carefully screened tutors with degrees from prestigious universities

Because Guardian Institute greatly values the individual needs of a child, their director Vicky van der Zee will meet with every family to ensure they are paired with the right tutor. All tutors have obtained degrees from prestigious universities and are carefully screened. Not only do they make sure that their tutors are excellent at tutoring, but they also ensure that they are intrinsically motivated to inspire and motivate the student to reach their goals. This is how Guardian Institute can guarantee your child will receive a premium quality education. Vicky van der Zee Guardian Institute

Director Vicky graduated from Oxford University in 2016 and completed two teacher-training qualifications. She has experience with tutoring and mentoring students in Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Germany. Her extensive knowledge about education will provide your family with the best possible educational guidance and tutoring available.

Advice on school placements

Besides offering premium tuition services, Guardian Institute advises on school placements and provides guidance for expats moving to the Netherlands, as well as Dutch families. Ranging from local primary schools to private institutions, their tutors are dedicated to finding the school or institution that is the right fit for your family.

While being admitted to a reputable college or university might seem daunting, their tutors will actively assist in selecting the right course of action. This might include enhancing the student’s cv and grades to reach the academic goals or advising on extracurricular activities, visiting a university or college on Open Days, or preparing a student for living abroad or on their own.

Services tailored to your family’s needs

Because all children have personal preferences and dislikes, hopes and dreams, all services are characterised by an individual-centred approach. Their tutors will spend time to get to know both the family as well as the student. Whether this means spending time travelling with the family to continue the tutoring sessions while abroad, or only checking in with the family occasionally, Guardian Institute tailors its services to your family’s needs.

Contact Guardian Institute

Guardian Institute is ready to assist you and your family, regardless of your individual needs. With their network of highly qualified tutors, they offer the premium educational guidance your family is looking for. If you want to find out how Guardian Institute can be of assistance, you can book a 15-minute complimentary advice call with director Vicky by clicking on this link, by calling us on + 31 6 18 89 90 46, or via email.

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