Getting your child’s education back on track: The benefits of private tuition

Getting your child’s education back on track: The benefits of private tuition

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Renowned tuition centre Guardian Institute, specialising in providing educational advice for expat students and parents, explains how beneficial private tuition can be in these challenging times.

Now that the lockdown measures are being lifted, children are gradually returning to school. Due to a long period of homeschooling and a lack of receiving in-person education, the educational process was disrupted. As a result, many children have unfortunately fallen behind in terms of education and therefore face learning difficulties that may prove too challenging to overcome alone. Luckily, education professionals that provide guided one-on-one tuition can help children face this challenge by supporting and facilitating them in their learning process and their educational development.

Tuition in the Netherlands

Receiving private tuition is very common in the Netherlands. It is estimated that around 80 percent of students are tutored at some point during their school years. While this might seem like a surprisingly high number, the benefits of receiving one-on-one tutoring suggest the opposite, as one-on-one tutoring provides customised lessons tailored to the specific needs of a child, which greatly improve both educational and motivational outcomes. For instance, it has a markedly positive impact on the child’s comprehension of the study material, while also positively influencing a child’s motivation which leads to better educational outcomes.

Cultivating potential and motivation

When it comes to tutoring, it is important that a tutor can discuss and explain the subject matter in a way that is easy to understand. A good tutor will also examine how a student does their homework. By doing so, a tutor can identify specific areas that require improvement. This can help facilitate the student in learning more effectively and efficiently.

A good tutor will also focus on building a student’s confidence, which is a key aspect necessary for successful educational development that is often overlooked. Because the relationship between a tutor and a student is more personal than the relationship between the student and a teacher, the tutor can spend time with a student cultivating important learning skills while also building confidence, which will lead to greater outcomes at school.

Choosing the right tutor

When it comes to tutoring - specifically tutor methods - there is no one-size-fits-all. This is because every student is different, and therefore a personalised approach to tutoring is required that addresses individual needs. Thus, it is important to choose the right tutor that matches up with your child. Good tuition centres take the time to provide a personal intake and get to know the student and their families. In this way, the right match will be made to optimise for success.

With services ranging from online tuition to school and university placement advice, Guardian Institute offers all-round education advice for all parents and students of all stages (primary school, high school, and higher education). Are you interested in providing private tuition for your child? Book a complimentary call with an educational advisor through this link.

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