Cost of childcare in the Netherlands to rise significantly in 2023

Cost of childcare in the Netherlands to rise significantly in 2023

A recent study has revealed that parents in the Netherlands will see their childcare costs rise by an average of 8,5 percent in the new year as a result of the high rate of inflation and rising operational costs for childcare providers, RTL Nieuws reports.

Dutch childcare rates to rise by average of 8,5 percent in 2023

While the Dutch government has confirmed that the cost of childcare will be significantly reduced from January 2025, prices are set to rise sharply in the new year due to the high cost of energy, rising rents, and severe staff shortages, resulting in higher operating costs while the childcare allowance continues to lag behind.

RTL Nieuws reports that the rates for after-school care (BSO) and childcare (KDV) will rise by an average of 8,5 percent from 2023. Their research found that this means the average hourly rates for childcare in the Netherlands will rise from 8,95 to 9,72 euros. 

Some childcare organisations have warned that, while parents are having to pay more, the rising operational costs are also making it harder for companies to guarantee a high-quality standard of childcare. They’re calling on the government to take action to ensure that childcare remains accessible and reliable.

Lower-income families to see childcare costs rise by up to 40 percent

The higher prices will have the biggest impact on lower and middle-income earning families, who will see their contribution rates rise significantly. Parents on lower salaries are able to claim childcare benefits, and while the allowance from the government will increase slightly in 2023, so will the proportion of childcare costs that they won’t be able to receive financial support for. 

According to calculations conducted by Jeroen Pernot from the website, RTL Nieuws reports that parents earning an income of less than 27.000 euros a year with two children in childcare two days a week will pay an additional 745 euros in 2023 - an increase of 40 percent compared to this year. 

Parents earning up to 60.000 euros a year will see their contributions rise by 22 percent (almost 850 euros), while parents earning up to 120.000 euros a year will see their childcare costs rise by about 13 percent (1.103 euros).

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