One in six people in the Netherlands experience discrimination at work

One in six people in the Netherlands experience discrimination at work

A recent study conducted by the National Job Board (Nationale Vacaturebank) has revealed that one in six people with jobs in the Netherlands experience discrimination in the workplace. 

16 percent of Dutch workers have experienced discrimination

As part of the Discrimination Monitor 2022, 2.500 18 to 68-year-old employees, employers, entrepreneurs, and people without work across the Netherlands were surveyed by the Nationale Vacaturebank. The results showed that 16 percent of the Dutch working population has experienced discrimination at work, with 37 percent of respondents admitting they felt discrimination was only going to become more common over the coming years. 

Of those who said they were victims of discrimination, an overwhelming majority were under the age of 35. Men were found more likely to report any cases of discrimination, but overall, 39 percent of incidents in 2021 went unreported. According to the results of the study, the most common instances of discrimination in offices include someone receiving unequal treatment or negative comments.

Women and international workers feel unsafe or insecure at work

In addition to facing discrimination, the Nationale Vacaturebank’s research also found that one-fifth of workers report feeling socially insecure or unsafe when at work - a feeling that was more prevalent amongst female workers and employees with a bicultural or migrant background. 

“There is work to be done,” says Sharita Boon from DPG Recruitment. ”It is important that if there is an unsafe situation, that people know where to go and that this is taken seriously…Management also plays an essential role in this."

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