Here’s why Dutch women changed their name to Peter on LinkedIn

Here’s why Dutch women changed their name to Peter on LinkedIn

This week, hundreds of women changed their name to “Peter” on LinkedIn in order to raise awareness about the lack of diversity in major Dutch companies, after recent investigations found there are more CEOs called Peter than there are CEOs that are women. 

Hundreds of women take part in #MijnNaamIsPeter

Two studies, one conducted by the AD and research agency Equilap and another carried out by interest group Women Inc., found that, out of 93 companies in the Netherlands, there were five company directors named Peter. Meanwhile, there were only four women taking on the same job.

In order to raise awareness about the issue, upwards of 500 women have changed their name to Peter on LinkedIn as part of the #MijnNaamIsPeter campaign. “Peter represents a greater lack of diversity in the workplace,” explains Women Inc.. “Not only in terms of gender, but also in terms of background and age. And that lack is not only at the top or only in large companies."

Lack of diversity in management of Dutch companies

Various high-profile businesswomen are taking part in the campaign, including Yeliz Çiçek, editor-in-chief at Vogue Nederland. “Women are structurally underrepresented in executive positions,” Çiçek writes on her LinkedIn profile. “It’s time for this to change!”

Not only women, but men are also getting involved, including Maarten van Rossum, the global director for public affairs at Heineken.

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