Immigration to be simplified for highly-skilled migrants

Immigration to be simplified for highly-skilled migrants

The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) has plans to streamline the application process for companies wanting to bring in highly-skilled migrants, using Internet technology.

The IND is experimenting with a new online application system, and has recruited 50 companies to test it. Applying through an employer now takes on average only two weeks to process.

Despite returning to a recession, the Netherlands is still an attractive destination for highly-skilled migrants, and companies still have trouble recruiting for certain professions within the Dutch labour market.

Companies are allowed to recruit from outside the EU if they are recognised by the IND, and can offer a position earning more than 51.000 euros a year.

In 2011, 5.800 highly-skilled migrants arrived in the Netherlands from non-EU countries, equalling pre-2009 levels. Most came from India (2.020), the US (780), Japan (360) and China (320), working for companies like Shell, Philips, ASML and Tata International.

The IND has also cracked down on abuses of the scheme. Jobs are checked to ensure that the salaries paid are realistic, leading to 25 applications to be denied. The companies that use the scheme were also vetted, reducing the list from 6.000 to 1.500.

The IND reports that its satisfaction rating has improved, with a rating of 7,3/10 by highly-skilled migrants, and 7,2/10 by companies and institutions.

Source: Government of The Netherlands

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