Expat nurses: Find a job in the Netherlands with the help of EMTG

Expat nurses: Find a job in the Netherlands with the help of EMTG


Are you an expat nurse looking for a job in the Netherlands?

If your answer is yes, we understand your stress and the difficulties that come with finding a job in your field. You have probably realised by now that it is not easy to enter the Dutch healthcare field without a high level of Dutch or a network within the field. Therefore, European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) Health Care has provided us with five steps to help you find a nursing job in the Netherlands.

Become a nurse in the Netherlands. Apply now!

European Multi Talent Group Health Care (EMTG) is a Dutch recruitment company in the Amsterdam area and a market leader in the Dutch nursing field. They specialise in bridging the gap between Dutch healthcare institutions and qualified European nurses. EMTG nurses come from over 10 different countries and have learned the Dutch language in only 3 months prior to starting work.


1. Basic requirements

Before you can start working as a nurse in the Netherlands, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must possess a European nursing degree. If you have a non-European nursing degree, you must validate your diploma with the International Credential Evaluation (IDW), known in Dutch as Internationale Diplomawaardering. The validation process can take up to 4 weeks.
  • You should also have a good command of the English or German language, minimum A2 level.
  • Finally, it is essential to have a valid working permit in the Netherlands or a European nationality.

2. Send your CV

You must send your CV to [email protected]. The international recruitment team will assess your educational and professional experience and will contact you within a week if you are a suitable candidate.

3. Interview

If you live in the Netherlands, you will be invited to visit the company’s headquarters and have an interview with an EMTG recruiter. If you live abroad, a Skype interview will be coordinated with a local recruiter. Next, EMTG will determine if you are a suitable candidate and will match your profile to a Dutch health care institution.

4. Dutch language

An essential part of nursing is communication and for that reason, EMTG has partnered up with Academia Neerlandesa, a Dutch language school that specialises in intensive language courses for health professionals. You will have the opportunity to learn Dutch in Spain for 12 weeks or in the Netherlands for 16 weeks. Classes in Spain are six days a week; hence, more intensive. At the end of the course, you will have an A2 – B1 level of Dutch.

5. Work in the Netherlands!

Upon completion of the Dutch language course, you will be able to start working at one of the Dutch health care institutions that best suits your profile and location, such as home care, nursing homes, hospitals and mental health care institutions. From day one, you will have a buddy within the health care institution, and an EMTG coach who will guide you.

EMTG will continue offering you Dutch classes, once a week, to reinforce your Dutch language skills, and will organise quarterly networking events to meet other EMTG nurses.

New course starting soon!

Are you interested? The new course in the Netherlands will start on September 9, 2019, and your first working day will be in January 2020! The next courses in Spain will begin on October 7 and November 4, 2019. To learn more about the available nursing positions, go to or call Angelo Hiraldo Vos, Recruitment Manager, on +31 6 55000160 for more information.

You can send your CV to: [email protected]. Make sure you put the following in the subject line: “Nurse CV + IamExpat”

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Kakande Juliet ... 12:12 | 8 March 2020

If I have a diploma from another country like Uganda am I eligible. And if I can speak fluent english.