Dutch government should help the unemployed to find jobs

A recent survey by the CBS has shown that over 80 percent of the local population thinks the Dutch government should, at least partly, help people who are out of work to find jobs.

Vulnerable groups

The survey has also revealed that a majority of the population believes that the most vulnerable members of society should be taken care of by the government.

Fifty-seven percent of those questioned believe that it is entirely the government's responsibility to ensure that the disabled have enough money to live on, while just over half of the population also stated that they believed the government should be entirely responsible for the care of the elderly.

Labour market

When it comes to the unemployed, only 11 percent of the population thought that it was not the government's responsibility to ensure they had enough money to live on, and just over half believed the government to be partly responsible for those out of work.

A majority of people also responded that they thought the government should play a role in helping people to find jobs, and in making sure that childcare facilities were available and adequate for working parents.


The survey also looked into peoples opinions on the government's role in promoting healthy lifestyles among the population. They asked whether the state should take action by fighting obesity, excessive alcohol intake and discouraging smoking.

Although the majority of people thought that the government was at least partly responsible for ensuring people did not lead unhealthy lifestyles, 31 percent of the population stated that the government had no place in discouraging smoking, and 41 percent believed that fighting obesity should not be their responsibility either.

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