Amsterdam one of the best cities for international remote workers

Amsterdam one of the best cities for international remote workers

A study conducted by DirectlyApply, a global job platform, has ranked Amsterdam as one of the best cities for remote working, and found that it is one of the most prepared cities in Europe to take on international remote workers. 

DirectlyApply’s Dream Jobs Abroad

To find the ideal cities for remote working, DirectlyApply looked at a variety of metrics that make a country ideal for a teleworking role while still living in your home country. The study looked at average salaries, English proficiency, and the proportion of jobs that are offered as a remote position for cities in each one of the 44 European countries. 

Cities that performed well across the board include Stockholm, Bern, Reykjavik, Luxembourg and, of course, Amsterdam. DirectlyApply found that the worst European cities for remote working were Budapest, Madrid and Rome. 

Amsterdam as an ideal city for remote working

In the study, Amsterdam has been ranked as the sixth-best city for remote working. This is mostly due to the high percentage of English speakers in the Dutch capital (91 percent), and the percentage of jobs on offer that present remote work opportunities (23 percent). 

Furthermore, the city was found to be well-prepared for a shift to international remote work in 2021 and ranked fourth in Europe. As the world of work has changed recently as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Amsterdam’s ability to adapt to remote working could prove vital and could change the way international employees live.

Top European cities for working remotely in 2021

The cities found to be the best for working remotely are:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Reykjavik
  4. Stockholm
  5. Bern
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Tallinn
  8. Vienna
  9. Nicosia
  10. Oslo

Most prepared cities for employing international remote workers in 2021

The top five cities in Europe most prepared for employing remote workers who live internationally are:

  1. Stockholm
  2. Bern
  3. Reykjavik
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Luxembourg

For the full rankings, visit the DirectlyApply website

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