Amsterdam invites proposals for 24 Hour businesses

The municipality of Amsterdam is currently inviting proposals for 24 Hour businesses. A 24 Hour business can in theory be anything, as long as it adds something of value to Amsterdam's nightlife.

In many foreign cities there are already many suitable examples of 24 Hour businesses, such as diners, cafes with bookstores where one can study, and gyms for people with unusual working hours. The municipality also welcomes art or other cultural initiatives.

There are nine areas in Amsterdam where a 24 Hour business will be possible. These are spread all over the city within and beyond the well known nightlife areas. Within these areas some locations have already been designated as suitable for 24 Hour businesses, but participants are also welcome to seek out additional suitable locations. A maximum of 10 places will receive permission to operate on a 24 Hour basis, and a maximum of three of them may be intended for dancing.

The proposed locations will be reviewed on the basis of accessibility, parking, and noise levels. No additional nuisance will be tolerated at these locations. These conditions are critical for the granting of all 24 Hour permits.

The competition within HORECA is fierce, so competitiveness with existing HORECA options will also be assessed. Note that clubs and bars are already permitted to stay open for longer hours five times per year. In addition, Amsterdam is holding a one year trial period during which the clubs in the direct vicinity of Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein are allowed to remain open for 24 hours twelve times per year.

Everyone can make a proposal for a 24 Hour business location up to and including September 30, 2012. Your proposal has to comply with a number of criteria and rules.

To be considered, the proposal must include among other things:
 Concept, including a clear description of the programming & how the business adds something to the surrounding area
 Involved parties & their relevant experience
 Target audience
 How the business will be feasible with respect to finances and zoning

Read more (in Dutch) here, and sign up here.

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