Vote for the most cycle friendly city in the Netherlands

Vote for the most cycle friendly city in the Netherlands

The race is on to find the best Cycle City in the Netherlands. Starting March 1, 2017, cyclists from all around the country are invited by the Dutch cycle union Fietsersbond to join the online survey about the standards of cycling in their municipality. 

The survey

The answers will be assessed in conjunction with other professionally conducted research about infrastructure and traffic to find a winner for 2018.

Cyclists have until May 31, 2017, to send their input via the online forum at fietsstad2018, or with one of the volunteers conducting surveys on the streets of various cities.

This year will be the first year that cyclists can share their opinions online by answering 26 short questions including things like whether there are plenty of bike racks or how comfortable their cycle through the city is.  

The biannual election

The Cycle City elections happen every two years. Marco Brömmelstroet, professor of Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam says smaller cities and towns stand a good chance, giving the example of Utrecht that is "currently doing very well".

According to Brömmelstroet, "Cities should challenge themselves to solve certain problems to encourage cycling". It is, after all, a healthier means of transport and leaves no carbon footprint.

The winner of last year's election in 2016 was Nijmegen due to its new cycle routes. Previous winners included Zwolle (2014), 's-Hertogenbosch (2011), Den Bosch (2008), Groningen (2002) and Veenendaal (2000).

Once the first best performing municipalities are submitted to the jury, a final choice will be made. 

New to cycling?

Join the club and get started. There's plenty of information about cycling, including a cycle dictionary, if you're still rough on your Dutch. 

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