[Video] Top 10 Dutch foods in Amsterdam

[Video] Top 10 Dutch foods in Amsterdam

[Video] Top 10 Dutch foods in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is home to all kinds of Dutch treats and snacks. Some parts of the Netherlands even have their own region-specific delicacies.

YouTube channel Amsterdam Calling features many videos about Amsterdam, from museums to flower markets and places to shop. In this video, Gessell presents us with her top 10 Dutch foods in Amsterdam.

Do you have a favourite Dutch food? Share it below in the comments!



Mina Solanki

British girl living in the Netherlands, enjoying the sun *coughs*, I mean rain, and filling her time with adventures.

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Aimee North 13:36 | 16 February 2018

love everything my Dutch bff sends me.... stroopelwafel and salt drop!!

mokumhammer 19:48 | 16 February 2018

Oh, that photo is SO WRONG!!! In Amsterdam we eat Herring chopped in a dozen pieces - with diced onion & gherkin. There are many places in NL that eat herring whole - but NOT in mokum