[Video] See vintage footage of the streets of Amsterdam in 1922

[Video] See vintage footage of the streets of Amsterdam in 1922

Amsterdam is an old and beautiful city, with so much history. Walking through the streets today, you can imagine what the city must have been like back in the day. But now, you no longer need to imagine. 

A trip to 1920s Amsterdam

Take a look at this video filled with colourised images of the streets and people of Amsterdam from way back in 1922. See if you can spot anywhere you recognise.

Video by Denis Shiryaev

Watch as people dance to the music from a traditional street organ, and as they ride their bikes down the Harlemmerdijk (some things - like the Dutch on bikes - will never change!). 

It's strange to think that, although so many of the buildings and canals have stayed the same,  the Dutch capital has still changed so much in 100 years - who knows what the next 100 will bring. 

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

Victoria grew up in Amsterdam, before moving to the UK to study English and Related Literature at the University of York and completing her NCTJ course at the Press Association...

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