[Video] Dutch zoo welcomes adorable baby red panda

[Video] Dutch zoo welcomes adorable baby red panda

On Tuesday, July 14, Beekse Bergen shared the first photos of the baby red panda born at the zoo at the beginning of July. And it’s adorable. 

Beekse Bergen celebrates a new birth

Head of the animal care at the Beekse Bergen, Kris Jansen, said the cub was doing well, and that he is confident it will grow into a large and healthy adult. 

Take a look and see just how cute this newcomer is!

Video by Beekse Bergen

It will be a while before the cub will be on display at the park, as pandas are nest animals and only come out after about three months. This also means that the animal keepers have so far been unable to identify the sex of the panda. Mother panda Angels was pregnant for about four and a half months, and this new baby will be left alone with mum and dad while it is still young and fragile.

Red pandas in the wild

The birth of this baby is notable as the red panda species is classified as vulnerable. Only around 2.500 can still be found in China, where it can mostly be found in mountain forests near rivers and streams. 

Similarly to its larger namesake, red pandas survive on a diet of bamboo, fruit, and flowers. While they don’t grow quite as large as the typical panda, they average 50 to 60 centimetres in length and weigh between three and six kilograms.

Red pandas are regularly hunted for their pelts, which are turned into fur capes and hats. There are a number of schemes in place around the world to help save this gorgeous species. 

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