Van Gogh: “Off the Wall” and on your feet!

Van Gogh: “Off the Wall” and on your feet!

You heard right, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has a new collection of goodies for purchase, and it is simply “Off the Wall”! You can now wear your favourite Van Gogh pieces in the form of bags, shirts, sneakers, caps and more.

Inspiring the public

The Van Gogh museum has created a collection of wearable artworks in collaboration with American shoe manufacturer Vans. These are now available to purchase. You may recognise some of the pieces that were picked for the collection, such as Sunflowers, Almond Blossoms, Self-Portrait as a Painter, Skull and one of the letters Vincent wrote to his brother Theo.

By turning Van Gogh’s artworks into wearables, the museum is effectively presenting the art to the world outside the museum walls and reaching a new audience. Managing director of the museum, Adriaan Dönszelmann is happy about the collection and collaboration, as it is in line with the mission to make Van Gogh’s works accessible to as many people as possible and inspire them.

Shoes shoes shoes

Lovers of Vans sneakers can find the new collection on the Van Gogh Museum webshop. Each pair of sneakers  boasts both the Vans and Van Gogh Museum logo on the insole of the shoe, as well as custom art which mimics Van Gogh's brush strokes. Each item in the Van Gogh collection also comes with a special label, which explains more about the background of the piece.  

Image source: Van Gogh Museum

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