Utrecht launches smart bike routes

On April 19, Utrecht launched a "smart" bike route system on Amsterdamsestraatweg, one of its main connecting roads. 

The Flo system

The system, called Flo, will inform cyclists about whether they can make green lights or not. The Flo system works using a radar to detect the speed of individual cyclists at about 100 meters before they reach a traffic light.

The system then calculates how fast a cyclist will have to cycle to catch the green light. If cyclists travel at 18 kilometres per hour, Flo claims that they should be able to hit every traffic light on green. 

Animal signals

Along the journey, Flo will tell you via digital signposts whether you have to speed up or slow down in order to make the next traffic light. It does this with its very own code; using different animal picture signs.

For example, if you see a turtle, you have to slow down, if you see a thumbs up, you are cycling at the correct speed to catch the light, if you see a rabbit, you have to speed up, and if you spot a cow, then unfortunately, you won't make it. 

The study

The reason Flo came about was because of a recent survey that discovered how annoyed cyclists were getting having to wait for red lights to turn green.

Flo was created by innovation agency Springlab, who plan to introduce the system to Eindhoven and Antwerp in the near future.

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