An Unforgettable Experience: UP Events Kids' Summer Camp 2023 in Amsterdam-West

An Unforgettable Experience: UP Events Kids' Summer Camp 2023 in Amsterdam-West


Summer is the perfect time for children to be outside, have exciting adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime. UP Events in Amsterdam-West offers an exceptional Summer Camp for all kids who are 8-13 years old. The camp offers many exciting indoor and outdoor activities from Monday until Friday throughout the summer break.

A sneak peek into the activities

Many of the activities require teamwork, which makes it easier to get in contact with each other and make new friends. From thrilling laser battles and hilarious bubble football games to the adrenaline rush archery and VR Cops and Robbers experience, UP Events offers something different to do every day.

UP Events also offers creative workshops for kids to learn playfully, such as clay sculpting and drawing. They end their week with a bonfire where the kids can roast marshmallows with their supervisors and parents. This is when the parents can get to know the camp hosts a little, and the kids can tell all their exciting stories from the past week.


A different theme for each week

UP Events has introduced themed weeks this year to make the summer camp even more exciting. Certain activities and locations match the themes of each week. In addition, the kids can come to camp dressed up or bring something.

Check out the themes for each week:

  • Week 31 - Around the World: Discover diverse cultures and traditions worldwide.
  • Week 32 - Professions: Let the children explore different careers and dress up as their favourite professionals. 
  • Week 33 - Space: Go on a cosmic adventure, explore the universe's wonders, and
  • embrace the alien theme. 
  • Week 34 - Superheroes / Disney: Kids can unleash their inner superheroes or dress up as beloved Disney characters, adding a touch of magic to their experience.

Find more info on the UP Events website!


Age group and schedule

UP Events Kids' Summer Camp is for kids between 8 and 13 years of age. Parents can drop off their children between 8.30am and 9am and pick them up between 4.45pm and 5.15pm.

The camp offers flexible booking options, allowing parents to choose from a one-day experience or multiple days, but children always sleep at home. Kids who attend camp for three days or more receive a free sports T-shirt.

What to bring

To ensure an enjoyable experience, the organisers recommend that children bring their packed lunch, snacks for two breaks, and a refillable water bottle. This will help keep them energised and hydrated throughout the day. 

Secure your kid's spot

UP Events Kids' Summer Camp promises an unforgettable outdoor adventure, offering diverse activities that celebrate the spirit of summer. The camp ensures a summer filled with excitement, learning, and new friendships. Don't miss the chance to make this summer unforgettable for your kid! Book now!


UP Events organises a camp every school vacation

Have you already made plans for this summer? No problem! Every school break, UP Events organises a camp. They are happy to welcome you later in the year during the autumn or Christmas vacations. Also for your birthday party! With their extensive range of activities, there is always something new to discover.

Take a look at the UP Events website for the options, or contact them by phone (+31(0)203375191) or email ( if you have any questions. Discover more on the UP Events website.



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